Why your business needs SEO

In the online marketplace, there really is no substitute for good SEO services. Without doubt, search engine optimisation is the best investment you can make in your business.

Let’s be honest, if your website is not on the first or second page of the rankings for a search engine results for the keywords related to your product and services, you are not getting the full benefits from your online business. Surveys consistently show that 85% of internet users use search engines such as Google to find the information they are looking for, but they rarely go past the second page of results.

why your business needs SEOWhat this means is that your website will not get any free traffic if your website is found on the third page or higher of the results. If you are running a website for your business it is essential that you optimize it so that it gets found on the search engines by people looking for your products and services. That’s why your business needs SEO services!

Did you also know that around 75% of searchers are looking to purchase a product or service when they do the search for the appropriate keywords? They may not but today, but they are certainly on the way to making a purchase.

That is why online marketing is so very important to get your website to appear on the first two pages of the search engine results. If your website is there, then you have a chance of getting leads ands sales, without costing you for paid advertising. A well optimized website can drive traffic to your website for free, and in turn provide you with revenue and exposure. Over time, search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways that any business can use to achieve increased website traffic, and is an essential part of internet marketing.

The process that internet marketers use to encourage a website to move up the search results is called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a specialist subject in its own right –

There are two main aspects of successful SEO

  1. Making the website SEO friendly
  2. Creating links to establish the importance of the website

A search engine optimized website will get you more targeted visitors, which you can convert into customers and clients. Being found on the first page of popular search engines is also important for increasing your brand visibility online, and is an essential part of online brand reputation management.

If the website is the shop window, the ranking in the search results is the high street location. In order to survive you need to be where the visitors are looking and that is on the first and second page.

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