4 Typical Mistakes in Creating Websites for SEO

It has been proven time after time that people searching on the internet do not go past the first or second page of results. If you intend to generate business through your website it is imperative that you pay attention to SEO before you create the website. Watch out for these four typical mistakes that prevent your website from performing well in online searches.

Flash Websites
A few years ago, as broadband technology allowed the superfast loading of web pages, flash websites became very popular. These are websites that are almost entirely constructed from flash files. They may look extremely attractive, but are bad news when it comes to SEO rankings. Search engines have a limited ability to index flash content, meaning they are unable to assess the information present on the site. So, obviously, they cannot rank your site based on the content. Avoid complete flash site, and limit the amount of flash present on typical HTML sites, to allow the search engines to read more of your content.

Online Shopping Carts
Most shopping sites contain information about products that is taken directly from the manufacturer. As a result the online shopping site has tons of catalogue pages containing limited and unoriginal text. It is important to choose a shopping cart option that is search engine optimisation friendly. Where possible, add keyword rich and original content to the product pages.

Splash Pages
A splash page is a non-content entrance page to the website, usually having an attention getting design and an “enter” invitation on them. Splash pages used to be popular for design and creatinve purposes, however they are becoming very rare now as they are a complete waste of your prime retail space on the internet – your home page. For SEO purposes your home page is the most important page on your site, don’t waste it!

Frames are used to allow the content from one website to appear in another website as if in a window. Frames create issues with the search engine spiders crawling the website thereby making the site very SEO unfriendly!

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