Reputation Management

When prospective customers are searching for your company name, brand or product on the internet, are they finding negative comments and bad reviews of your products and services?

Everybody, every company and every business… INCLUDING YOU! … has to be aware and try to control or imfluence as much as possible the remarks being made publicly about you on the internet. Bad comments in social media and public forums can have a hugely negative influence on your reputation that you simply cannot afford.

The amount of time, effort and expenditure that goes into branding, networking, marketing and advertising can be seriously eroded by a bad online reputation. Worse, as we know all too well, the bad news spreads far more than good news. It is imperative to monitor and respond where appropriate, and take positive action where necessary to maintain your good reputation online just as you would take steps to protect your reputation in the “real world”.

More and more people are researching products and companies online before buying or doing business with them. Negative blog posts, articles, forums and other comments about your brand or business may be costing you a fortune in loss of brand reputation and revenue.

Because you cannot afford to get it wrong!

Just as a personal recommendation will carry a lot of weight, a negative remark on the internet can do a huge amount of damage in a competitive market. People who may be on the verge of purchasing will usually start looking again if they encounter bad comments. After all, would you choose a company that rated multiple bad remarks on various blogs and social media sites?

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Online Reputation Management and Online Brand Management are quite honestly a specialist and time-consuming process. We seriously recommend you outsource your online reputation and brand management service to professionals.

At Success Online Marketing our goal is to build you a trusted online reputation by providing an Online Reputation Management service that operates in two ways:

  1. Positive Reputation SEO
  2. Online Reputation Monitoring

1. Positive Reputation SEO

This works by helping websites, forums and pages that carry good comments about your products and services move higher in the search engine results, through specialised search engine optimisation techniques, effectively pushing the bad comments off the front page so that they are not found by people searching for your brand or business.

2. Online Reputation Monitoring:

Anyone can put comments on the internet, and damage control for bad comments in the media has to be a priority of any company serious about maintaining its reputation. In order to address any negative issues that can arise, you have to know what is being said about you in the first place.

This is where we come in…

We monitor the social media for remarks made about you, your business and products, giving you the opportunity to work with us to turn a negative situation into a positive one, before it goes viral and grows out of proportion. It is frequently a simple matter of customer service that is required to sort out a problem. Prompt action on your part through the same platforms that your customers use on the internet keeps your corporate reputation looking better than ever!

Worse case scenario – counteracting negative information is best done as soon as possible and damage limitation can come into play. Don’t let it get to that stage.

Someone’s talking …You need to know what are they saying about you?

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