Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is without doubt the next generation in Targeted Marketing! Can you afford to miss out?

Reasons you cannot ignore mobile marketing, SMS text marketing &  mobile advertising.

  1. Enormous target base, as virtually everyone has a phone in Ireland today.
  2. 95% of people read their texts, compared to the numbers who don’t open emails, and throw direct marketing leaflets and letters in the bin without even looking at them.
  3. Internet acccess from phones is becoming easier and cheaper, with even eircom offering always-on internet in their mobile phone packages. Everything you need to know at your fingertips.
  4. People want information and they want it now. Access to information using a mobile is immediate, no matter where you are.

Consider the following:

  • Local Business Marketing using mobile marketing techniques, to maintain your local clients and keeps them coming back.
  • Integrate Mobile Marketing with online marketing and offline marketing techniques, so that your product, your service, your location is and your message is getting to your customers one way or another!
  • Link mobile marketing with your social media marketing campaigns, and triple the effect.
  • Send visitors directly to your websites with mobile marketing, and let the website do the talking.
  • Mobile and QR codes – new technology today  is tomorrows success story
  • Mobile advertising:  enormous potential and much less competition
  • Text Marketing Campaigns, Specials, Updates, Upcoming Events, Results, What else can you do to connect with your customers?

Mobile marketing is not on it’s way to Ireland…Look around you, it’s already here!

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