2013 – The Digital Marketing Era

Its well into 2013 and no one can deny that the digital marketing era has well and truly arrived. Those who insisted that newfangled technology was never going to replace traditional marketing can admit they were wrong, while checking their Facebook updates on the latest iphone. The boom in social media, video marketing, user generated content and other forms of digital media, have caused digital marketing to grow at an unprecedented rate. Smart companies are battling to stay ahead of the competition in online marketing by getting to grips with the digital marketing phenomenon.

Blogs have always been the traditional way to get information across in a more personal way. Perhaps that is why they have fared better than brochure websites in maintaining their overall importance in searches and markets. The opportunity to leave comments is a great way for companies to establish communication with the consumer.

User generated content in feedback, reviews, video and comments is considered a major marketing ploy for online brand management. Allowing the public to discuss your products and services and express unbiased opinions creates not only brand awareness, but also a higher degree of trust and respect for the company in general, (assuming the comments are favourable!).

Streaming video is one of the new faces of digital marketing that is not likely to go away soon. The movement and sound can tell a story and capture attention in a way that the written word simply cannot match. With services such as YouTube, there is no requirement fot glossy productions. Simple conversations or slide presentations are all that is needed to get the activity going.

As for social media, this is the online marketing success story of the last few years. Marketing is not slow to avail of the opportunities this whole area presents to establish a niche presence, and promote subtly through interactivity of the social media platform. If people are talking, then it is vital to monitor and perticipate in the conversation, or run the risk of leaving comments to other who may not have your best interests at heart.

Organisations that want to be successful simply cannot afford to ignore the digital marketing route. The vacancy will simply be filled by their competitors sooner rather than later.

Is your company prepared to sit back and let the most cost effective marketing opportunity pass you by?

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