Digital Marketing Soars at the Expense of Traditional Advertising

Digital Marketing soars as internet marketing and revenues from online advertising are predicted to run to over $60 Billion in 2011 the US alone (The Kelsey Group). This represents a 300% growth in just five years. By comparison, the expenditure on traditional advertising and “paper” marketing are on a downward trend.

Digital Marketing SoarsCompanies are rechanneling funds from tradititional marketing projects to fund digital marketing expansion, as they continue to move towards interactive marketing. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to see why, as the numbers of people regularly using the internet are rising rapidly. The explosion of social media has taken some companies by surprise, discovering they are no longer in total control of their online image.

Businesses that haven’t yet realised that marketing for the next decade will be predominantly conducted online are in danger of being left behind in the great rush to beat their rivals to top positions. Failure to prepare and implement comprehensive online marketing strategies leave them vulnerable to reductions in their market share. Allowing others to influence the online perception of their brand, products, and their company reputation by ignoring the online conversation could be costly.

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