Denis Hegarty

Denis Hegarty. Internet marketing Consultant at Success Online, Tramore, Co. Waterford. Likes working with small businesses, helping them to get more clients and sales to increase profits, by focusing on websites that work rather than ones that just look pretty! Official Trainer for internet marketing, including Waterford Enterprise Board Workshops in SEO and social media such as Google+ and Linkedin marketing strategies.

Google to make major update to Algorithm for Mobile

Google to update Ranking Algorithm for Mobile Friendliness on April 21st

Google is updating its search algorithm to boost search rankings for mobile-optimised websites on April 21st,
with non-mobile optimized sites likely to experience a drop.

The easiest way to check if your website meets Google’s criteria for being a mobile friendly site, just go to Google, enter your website in the search field and your website should appear on the listings. If there is a text saying ‘Mobile-friendly’ next to the listing, you don’t need to worry, but if not you should contact your web developer as soon as… Continue reading

Top Internet Marketing Services

Recently one of our partners Hubshout carried out a survey to see whether new trends such as social media, content marketing and reputation marketing were now more in demand than traditional internet marketing services such as SEO and PPC. The results can be seen in the graphic below and top of the list continues to be SEO as over time this can dramatically increase traffic to a business and ultimately increase revenues and leads.



Most small businesses expect to complete SEO with a once off payment and for this its possible to do onsite SEO work and improve the… Continue reading

2013 – The Digital Marketing Era

Its well into 2013 and the digital marketing era has well and truly arrived. The boom in social media, video marketing, user generated content and other forms of digital media, have caused digital marketing to grow at an unprecedented rate. Smart companies are battling to stay ahead of the competition in online marketing by getting to grips with the digital marketing phenomenon. Continue reading

Why your business needs SEO

In the online marketplace, there really is no substitute for good SEO services. Without doubt, It is the best investment you can make in your business. Find out why you NEED our SEO services! Continue reading

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