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Bathroom shelves over the toilet storage


Wall Mounted Acrylic Shelf (2 Pack)

All your everyday cosmetics and toiletries beautifully organized, handy and ready to use, leaving your sinks and counter tops clear, clean and clutter-free.

It’s a great feeling, every time you go into your bathroom, to see all your toiletries, cosmetics, shavers, toothbrushes and accessories out of the way, neat and tidy on your wall, instead of scattered all over the place, taking up valuable room, and looking messy and disorganized.

This chic, discreet acrylic shelf set will turn your bathroom from complete chaos to a smart, bright and elegantly organized area where you will be able to find your everyday items quickly and easily, so you can get ready faster.

Giving you a great start to your day!


Mounted using 2 simple screws for a solid, secure & steady shelf in minutes. No assembly or complicated mounting brackets to drive you crazy, or frustrating stick-on adhesive pads that fall down a month later leaving you with all your stuff on the floor. These shelves go up easily and stay up!


The elegant transparent finish and modern design make this unit easy to coordinate with all manner of decor schemes as these shelves blend in beautifully and discreetly anywhere in your home.


Wall mountable Slim Shelving with a 3 inch ledge takes care of your clutter, but unlike larger shelving and floor standing units, these acrylic shelves take up virtually no room in your bathroom while still giving you plenty of storage for all your everyday items.


Each shelf is carefully made from a single piece of thick High Quality Acrylic so there are no glued joints, resulting in a sturdy, stronger product which will easily hold all your bottles and jars.

Designed to fit anywhere, these bathroom shelves are available in both 10 inch & 15 inch lengths.  Mount them separately, tiered or side by side

These shelves go up easily and stay up!

Beautiful, Clear high-end finish you will love!


Hand crafted from a single piece of Grade A acrylic for Extra Strength, these shelves are Rustproof and Waterproof.

Rest assured that, unlike many cheaper shelves which are made from poor quality, thin and flimsy materials, these versatile acrylic shelves are won’t ever sag, peel, bend or tarnish, even in hot and steamy conditions.


These small shelves will hold loads of your bottles, jars, toothpastes, razors and all your everyday cosmetics and toiletries, keeping them all neatly organized and ready for you.

Don’t worry about weight of your bathroom products, these extra strong shelves can handle it!


Discreet Front lip prevents anything sliding off even when wet. The shelves come with optional glue-on end strips for added security.

Small items?  No problem, these shelves have a solid shelf base so small items won’t wobble or slip through.


These shelves are made from Grade A sheet acrylic, resulting in premium quality acrylic display shelving.

Zero hassle & Maintenance free – Simply wipe clean with cloth and warm water to keep them looking good as new.

These shelves will remain clear and perfect, giving you the lighter, brighter and more organized bathroom you deserve.

What’s in the Box?

  • Pack of 2 Acrylic Wall Mount Shelves.
    Each Shelf size: 15″ x 3.4″ x 1.7″ & fits items up to 3.0″ wide
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Drywall and multi-purpose screw anchors
  • Pre-cut optional glue-on end strips

Please Note:
*toiletries and cosmetics etc. shown in the photos are for display purposes only, and are not included.
*These shelves are not recommended for mounting on the back of doors.



We are a family business and believe in great customer service. If you have any issues then please contact us and we promise to take care of you, and if you do not like it, just return it and we’ll refund your money.

Be Clean, Clear and Organized  with your
New Acrylic Bathroom Shelves

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Love your Bathroom!

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